About HostingSpy

Our Mission

Since 2015 we’re focused on developing websites and offering maintenance services. Then we realize that many people find it difficult to find out their needs and choose the right hosting for their websites. Hence we decided to build a platform and showcase honest reviews on popular hosting companies that might help our readers to find the right platform.

Not only that, but we also try to bring special discounts or coupon codes for web hosting, domains, and all services related to website hosting. If you are looking for a special discount for any particular web hosting platform then please feel free to contact us. We’re here to help you find the right hosting platform for your business or blog.

About Our Hosting Experts

With comprehensive experience in developing, hosting, and managing industry-leading websites, we are a team of true web hosting experts and we have built everything from small-scale personal projects to popular sites with millions of visits.

Extensive Experience: We have gained extensive experience in the hosting industry by hosting, developing, and managing many successful websites.

Honest & Straightforward: There’s many bad hosting advice on the web. So we decided to be different and publish honest and straightforward reviews and guides that will eventually help our readers.

Thorough Research: Our reviews are detail-oriented, as we go the extra step every day to find the specific pros and cons of any hosting.

Cognizant of Emerging Tech: As full-time developers managing multiple websites, it’s right to say that we eat, breathe, and sleep all things web.

No Fake Reviews: Unlike others, we don’t publish fake hosting reviews, forge ratings or hide any cons.

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