DreamHost Reviews 2024: What Makes them So Different?

Having been around for more than two decades, DreamHost has proven countless times that they are an excellent choice when it comes to finding the right web hosting company. In this Dreamhost Reviews, we will discuss all its pros & cons and will reveal if DreamHost is the right platform to host your Dream websites.

DreamHost Overview – $2.59 / month


  • SSD Storage & Optimized Servers
  • Unlimited Bandwidth, Database & Storage
  • Free Domain, SSL, and Daily Backups
  • Unlimited websites & Email addresses
  • 24/7 Customer support over Live chat & Email
  • 100% uptime guarantee
  • 97-day money-back guarantee
  • Free Email is not available for the “Shared Starter” Plan
  • Restrictions on Cheaper Plans

DreamHost Reviews – Editors Opinion

Dreamhost is one of the pioneer web hosting companies and has been a leader in the industry since its establishment in 1996. Dreamhost does not only offer web hosting solutions but a wide range of connected services such as Design, Marketing, Website Management, Custom Web Development, SEO and Social Media Marketing services.

Whereas other hosting companies focus on a specific sector to separate themselves from the pack, Dreamhost hosting excels across the board. Not only does the firm from Los Angeles offer a multitude of features for a very affordable price, but they also provide outstanding customer care covering anything from phone support up to a 97-day money-back guarantee!

DreamHost Reviews SS2

DreamHost Reviews – Features

Whereas many competitors offer unlimited web space, Dreamhost takes the idea one step further by offering unlimited daily backups for free! In other words, you can not only stop worrying about the size of your website but also get automated daily backups to prevent any potential data loss.

Likewise, Dreamhost does not set any traffic limits, allowing you to set up a large-scale website without having to put up with significant traffic costs. Similarly, DreamHost offers free website migration for its new users hence you don’t have to cost extra with a developer to transfer your website to DreamHost.

DreamHost Reviews SS5

Another big plus turns out to be Dreamhost’s decision to cater to extensive e-mail functionality as the company does not only include unlimited accounts (except shared starter plan) but also provides clients with both POP3 and IMAP access. Moreover, online interfaces for webmail access are in place while auto-responders, as well as spam filters, provide further options to customize one’s email account.

As far as the actual website is concerned, web developers can use all common web-oriented programming languages and standard extensions. Thus, customers can choose from the full range of PHP5, Perl, Python, CGI, SSI, CVS repositories, and subversion repositories. Furthermore, every webmaster can consult daily access statistics as well as raw log files to get further insights into the amount and kind of traffic passing through on a daily basis.

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DreamHost Reviews – Evaluating Plans and Pricing

To continue this Dreamhost Reviews further, it’s time to evaluate its pricing plan. With entry plans starting at just $2.59 per month, Dreamhost certainly offers an appealing option for anyone looking for some quality web hosting without spending a boatload of money.

If you want to go big and host large-scale website, there are plenty of upgrade options to comfortably adjust the hosting package. In fact, VPS plans start at just $10 a month and provide a viable alternative for experienced web developers. Likewise, DreamHost offers cloud server as well as dedicated servers for those opting to administrate and customize every detail themselves.

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DreamHost Reviews – Support & Uptime

Although up-time guarantees have been steadily increasing in recent years by many hostings, there is hardly anything more reliable to be found than Dreamhost. In fact, the Californian company offers a 100% uptime guarantee, freeing clients from worries about possible service outages, lost sales, and so on.

Our Conclusion

However, Dreamhost’s service does not stop there, in fact, any new customer who is not fully satisfied with the product provided can claim a full refund within the first 97 days!

If faced with any hosting-related issues, customers can feel free to contact technical support 24 hours a day, available through live chat, email as well as call-back. Therefore in this DreamHost reviews, we can safely recommend this hosting platform for your next projects.

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